The curriculum consists of basic science, design thinking, and programming, which are the foundations of the specialty studies, and extended into two courses with advanced specialization for connecting to graduation research.


Point 1


On the 1st and 2nd grades, in addition to physics, chemistry, biology, and mathematics as the basis of science and engineering, students will learn the theory and experiment of functional design, and acquire the logical thinking necessary to face social issues.

Point 2


From the 3rd grade, students will be divided into “Medical Functional Engineering Course” and “Athletic Function Engineering Course”. If one study the mandatory subjects of the belonging course, the one can choose from any subjects of the courses to study.

Point 3


On the 4th grade, students will specialize a research subjects form the three research fields, “Medical Function Design” to study engineering that helps the function related to the metabolism of the human body, “Cognitive Function Design” to study engineering to help the information processing function performed in the human brain and “Robotic Function Design” to study engineering that support human limb function.


■ 必修科目 Mandatory ● 選択必修科目 Mandatory Elective ◆ 選択科目 Elective
1st grade

■ デザイン思考入門 / デザイン思考基礎 / 微分積分学1、2 / 線形代数学1、2 / 質点力学 / 電磁気学 / 物質化学 / 有機・無機化学 / 基礎生物学 / 生化学 / プログラミング1、2 / 機能デザイン工学実験1、2

■ Introduction to Design Thinking/ Design Thinking Basics/ Calculus 1, 2/ Linear Algebra 1, 2/ Dynamics of Particle/ Electromagnetism/ Materials Chemistry/ Organic / Inorganic Chemistry/ Basic Biology/ Biochemistry/ Programming 1, 2/ Functional Design Engineering Experiments 1, 2

2nd grade

■ デザイン思考応用 / 応用数学 / 機能デザイン工学概論1 / 機能デザイン工学実験3 / 機能デザイン実習 /高分子材料工学 / 薬理学 / 機器分析 / 無機材料工学 / 光デバイス学 / 人工知能 / センシング工学 / 健康科学 / イメージング / ロボット設計図法 / ロボット運動機構 / ロボット電子制御 / 波動と振動 / 身体機能サポート工学 / ◆ ナノメディスン入門 / 工学のための英語 / ロボット工学入門 / 機能デザインキャリア概論

■ Advanced Design Thinking/ Applied Mathematics/ Introduction to Functional Design Engineering 1/ Functional Design Engineering Experiment 3/ Functional Design Training/ Polymer Materials Engineering/ Pharmacology/ Instrumental Analysis/ Information Engineering/ Inorganic Materials Engineering/ Optical Device Science/ Artificial Intelligence/ Sensing Engineering/ Health Science/ Imaging/ Robot Design Drawing Method/ Robot Motion Mechanism/ Robot Electronic Control/ Waves and Vibrations/ Life Support Engineering/ Introduction to Nano Medicine/ English for Engineering/ Introduction to Robotics/ Introduction to Functional Design Career/ ◆ Introduction to Nanomedicine/ English for Engineering/ Introduction to Robotics/ Introduction to Career with Functional Design

3rd grade

■ デザイン思考実践 /機能デザイン工学概論2 /機能デザイン工学概論3

■ Design Thinking Practice/ Introduction to Functional Design Engineering 2/ Introduction to Functional Design Engineering 3


● メディカル機能工学実験1、2 / 細胞工学 / 生理学 / バイオマテリアル / ドラッグデリバリー / バイオロジスティクス / 生体分光学 / イメージプロセシング

Medical Functional Engineering Course*

● Medical Functional Engineering Experiments 1 and 2/ Cell Engineering / Physiology/ Biomaterials Science/ Drug Delivery Systems/ Bio-Logistics/ Spectroscopy for Biology/ Image Processing


● 健康情報計測 / 剛体力学 / スポーツ工学 / ロボット設計工学 / ロボット制御工学 / ロボット運動工学 / 筋肉と神経の機能 / 運動機能工学実験1、2

Athletic Function Engineering Course*

● Information Technology for Life Support/ Rigid Body Dynamics / Sports Engineering/ Robot Design Engineering/ Robot Control Engineering/ Robotic Motion Engineering/ Muscle and Nerve Function/ Athletic Function Engineering Experiments 1, 2

4th grade

■ 卒業研究 / 既往研究調査法

■ Graduation Research/ Literature Survey


Medical Function Design


Cognitive Function Design


Robotic Function Design

* 3年次進学の際にいずれかのコースを選択します。選択したコースの科目が必修科目となり、もう一方のコースの科目が選択必修科目となります。

* One course should be selected when the students go on the third grade. The subjects of the courses of the selected course are mandatory subjects, and those of the other course are elective subjects.